Dear Valued Customers!

Warm greetings from VietGreen S.T.P.I Company LTD.!

VietGreen S.T.P.I Company LTD. is established with the aim to contribute to building a clean & green environment and protect the health of consumers in Vietnam.

Our company is an exclusive distributor of cleaning products CHRISAL, enriched by beneficial probiotic bacteria, are imported directly from Europe (Belgium). Chrisal products produced by a leading European technology and are being exported to over 50 countries worldwide.

Chrisal Products are unique products based on breakthrough probiotic applications. The cleaning products enriched with beneficial probiotic bacteria – PiP (Probiotics In Progress), is a real revolution in the cleaning process. That solution is to replace the entire chemicals cleaning and traditional disinfectants inherently less effective but make a serious impact on people and the environment. Safe for human and environment friendly but still provide high efficiency in cleaning is the key to success for the Chrisal PiP products.

Chrisal PiP cleaning products is wide application in many different areas including:

– Chrisal in water treatment (rivers, streams, canals, ditches, slit, canals, lakes, ponds, marshes …)
– Chrisal in agriculture – Chrisal in industrial water treatment, waste water treatment, clean air in the seafood processing and food…
– Chrisal in restaurants, resort-hotels, buildings, commercial centers, apartments, schools and hospitals.
– Chrisal in family healthcare: floor cleaning, interiror cleaning, sanitary cleaning…
– And many other areas

We are committed to bringing customers the quality products with our best services.


VietGreen S.T.P.I Company LTD team