PIP Lite Floor Cleaner is a probiotic floor cleaner for manual cleaning of all water-resistant floors. The lasting effects of probiotics significantly reduce the risk of biofilm formation. For cleaning in hospitals, we recommend PIP Floor.


– Cleans quickly and effortlessly.
– Is safe to use on all washable surfaces.
– Cleans without streaks.
– Neutral pH.
– Greatly reduces the risk of bad smells, biofilm, allergens and harmful germs.
– Leaves a fresh scent.

Directions for use:

Dilution 0.2%-0.5%  = 2-5 ml of product per litre of water.
– First fill the bucket with water and then add the product.
– Clean the floor in the usual way.
ATTENTION!! The product must be stored between 5°C and 45°C, protected from sunlight. Reuse diluted product within 3 days!


– Luke warm water promotes the action of probiotics.
– Never mix the products with other detergents.
– After cleaning, pour the remainder of the solution down the different drains. The probiotics that are present, are still very useful for keeping the drains and grease traps clean.

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